Jose is detail oriented and does great work.  He installed a fence for me and worked overtime to complete the project.  If you're looking for a large corporate crew that will do a quick job and cut corners, Jose is not for you.  If you want someone who will go the extra mile and do a great job call Jose.  My only feedback for Jose would be to hire more muscle to get things done quicker.
— Curt P.
My wife and I needed to hire someone to re-design and install our entire irrigation system for our front and rear gardens. On the recommendation of a local hardware and irrigation supplier, we hired Jose Oceguera at Green Oak Landscape. He struck us as both smart and serious about his work, and took a very practical approach to helping us bring our irrigation system up a few notches compared to the "mickey mouse" irrigation that had been installed by the previous owner of our home.

We discussed many complex tasks that we wanted to address: 1) The different watering needs of our fruit trees, native species, flowers, and raised vegetable beds; 2) Re-routing irrigation lines that went through the crawlspace under our home; 3) Keeping the gardens on the front, back, and side of the house all on the same automatic timer, and 4) Designing a system that could, at a future date, incorporate rainwater catchment. While he was assessing our needs, Jose exposed and opened a valve that was buried in our garden that we--and other landscapers we've had work for us--didn't know was even there. This value controlled the water flow to two hose bibs that we were told were "dead." That impressed me!

He quoted us a very reasonable hourly rate for our job
and because we liked his approach and obvious experience with irrigation installation, we decided to hire him. While working for us over five days, Jose was receptive to questions about planting locations and gave me helpful gardening and landscaping tips as I worked nearby. We added new requests for him last-minute, and he incorporated all of these requests right away. He did all of the work himself, and all to a high standard of quality and care, without cutting corners (for example, laying soft pipe under high-traffic areas, or laying pipe over pathways).

Jose listened carefully and provided solutions in a timely way that we're quite happy with. He offered us several design solutions that would make our gardens look more attractive and function better  than my wife and I had envisioned. He made himself available when we called him, and did everything with the sort of positive can-do attitude and spirit that we like to have around our home. It was a pleasure to work with him, and we intend to hire him again when we add future irrigation or need more landscaping work done. Thank you Jose!
— Dylan O.